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It's Not Faking It till You Make It; It's Learning It While You Make It!

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You were born to make an impact.  

It may not always be clear to you, but there is a reason why you are here.   At some point, the opportunity will appear for you to provide something that ONLY YOU can provide, to someone that needs exactly what ONLY YOU can provide.   

Angela Maiers

The challenge is that you don’t know when that moment is.  If you are someone who is disengaged at work or struggling to find your calling, you could be stuck in the middle of your career, 10 to15 years in.  

Or, you could be struggling to find a job out of college.  

Not an easy place to be, after investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your education.

This is why believing in yourself is so critical!

This last week, Huffington Post columnist and learning expert, Angela Maiers, joined me on my podcast Leading Beyond the Status Quo to discuss why we should never consider ourselves;

“Faking it till we make it”.  

Instead, we should pursue our passion in life with a clear understanding that we will be;

“Learning it while we make it”!

As Angela explained during the interview, the act of doing enables the process of learning. Whatever action you pursue, you’ll get to do better the next time because you will be able to reflect on it.  

I have worked with many clients that need to develop the courage to follow their passion and purpose.  This is very difficult, and pursuing our passion can be filled with obstacles, self-doubt, and fear.

Angela Maiers

Knowing how difficult it is to lead through those fears, I simply can’t advise my clients to go fake it til they make it.  Who wants to fake anything?  Not me, and certainly not my clients.  

During the interview with Angela, we not only talked about why we need to believe in ourselves and trust that the opportunity will come for us to serve others, we discussed three specific steps that she outlines on her Huffington Post article titled Tactical Serendipity.   

These steps are:

~ Getting out there

~ Connecting with others

~ Collaborating with others

In the interview, we talk in detail about these three steps, their importance to our leadership journey and, we discuss how to use the social web to expand our ability to reach others.  In addition, Angela and I dive into why you should trust the universe!


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It’s your turn:

Are you engaged at work and passionate about what you do for a living?

If not, how can you use the three steps above to create the future you want to live?

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