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Are You A Failure Detective?

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A couple of weeks ago, Angela Maiers joined me on Leading Beyond the Status Quo to talk about how to make the contribution that only we can make in life. In that show, we covered how important it is for us to connect and collaborate with others in order to provide the service and assistance that we were meant to deliver.

Speaking from my own experience, it takes a lot of focus to figure out our true purpose and the goals we want to pursue.  It then takes an awful lot of courage to take the risks that come along when we start taking definite actions to achieve


our goals. Personal empowerment is definitely NOT an easy undertaking.

This week, we are being joined by clinical psychologist and author, Guy Winch, to cover a 4 step process that anyone can use to become empowered in the pursuit of our goals and, most importantly, how to investigate our failures for clues on how we can learn from our mistakes to improve our results.

While there are countless people advising us to take risks and be willing to fail, there are not many advisors that tell us HOW to learn from our failures.  

The reason I wanted to have Guy join us on the show is because he provides a set of steps that can help us learn from our mistakes and improve our efforts.  

Guy Winch

In the interview, Guy advises us to assess our impact by becoming failure detectives.  We need to investigate our failures for clues that can help us learn.  We must then REPEAT our efforts and apply our newly gained knowledge as we pursue success!  

It is not enough to just learn from our mistakes, we have to repeat our efforts.   Success is something we find through trial and error. (Tweet This)

Guy feels that the secret to personal empowerment includes four steps. These are:

1. Define the goal.

Whether we are seeking a promotion, starting a new company, or becoming healthy, whatever the goal is, we have to define our goal! (Tweet This)

2. Taking action!  

This is where risks and courage become important.   At this stage we have to be willing to fail and muster up real courage to face the fear of failure. Like Pink asks in her song, ‘Glitter in the Air’;

“Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, I just don’t care?” (Tweet This)

3. Assessing our impact.

We should think of failure as part of the process; a critical component that will teach us what to do different. 

We need to become failure detectives in order to gain the knowledge we need to succeed.  (Tweet This)

4. Repeating Our Efforts.

Now that we are armed with all our knowledge and have momentum, we go for it again.  

Success is something we learn through trial and error.   (Tweet This)

It’s your turn.

Are you applying lessons from failure as you pursue your goals?

Or, have you yet defined your goals?

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