give water
give waterdrop
give fish
give brain
give ocean


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You were born to make an impact.   It may not always be clear to you, but there is a reason why you are here.   At some point, the opportunity will appear for you to provide something that ONLY YOU can provide, to someone that needs exactly what ONLY YOU can provide.    The challenge is that you don’t know when that moment is.  If you are someone who is disengaged at work or struggling…
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Are we slaves to a Negative Operating System that we don't even know we have? Are our assumptions and belief systems leading us into conflict situations by blinding us to the truth of a situation? I had the honor of interviewing best-selling author Bob Burg for my podcast, Leading Beyond the Status Quo.  Bob recently released his latest book Adversaries into Allies; Win People without Manipulation or Coercion, which I consider to be a leadership…
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 ...Due to Conflict in the OR   Midwife - “When did this happen?!” Amy, my wife - “I don't know!” Me, Al - “What's going on?! Oh my God!” Midwife - “Okay Amy, the baby has turned, we are going into the OR for an emergency C-Section. The nurse will prepare both of you while I call the doctors and prepare for the procedure.” Amy - “Al, I am scared.” She squeezed my hand as…