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Identifying & Defining Strengths

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6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership, Step 1: Start with Strengths

Leadership Highlights:
  • In order to play to the strengths of the team, a leader must identify and define the strengths of all team members.

  • The concept of improving on areas of strengths instead of focusing on non-strength areas will allow the team to truly accelerate their performance.

  • All team members,starting with the supervisor, should define their strengths, share them and leverage them strategically.

  • The strengths of the team members should be easily accessible via a team "strengths dashboard." This can be online as a website or a shared document that all team members can quickly access.

Maximizer: People with the Maximizer theme focus on others' strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. They seek to transform something strong into something superb.
Are you a Maximizer? Do you know how many people in your team are Maximizers? The definition above is one of 34 groundbreaking strength theme definitions from Gallup and the inspiring Marcus Buckingham. If you are interested in maximizing your own performance and the collective performance of your team members, I highly recommend you identify all the strength themes in your team and start leveraging that information.

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